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If you are currently working toward the smile you have always wanted with the use of braces, then it’s important to do all you can to have a top-notch treatment. The more you care for your smile and appliance and the more you follow the rules set by your orthodontist, Dr. Najjar, the more successful your treatment can be. So, today our orthodontist would like to remind you of the rules set for certain foods and beverages while you’re aligning your smile. Those rules are:

-Don’t eat sticky and chewy foods (These foods can apply pressure to the brackets and pull them off your teeth. They can also cling to the tooth enamel and promote cavities)

-Don’t chew gum (Chewing gum can do the same as eating sticky and chewy foods)

-Don’t eat popcorn (Popcorn kernels can get stuck between your teeth and cause a lot of pain. They can also damage your braces wires or get stuck in areas where you can’t get them out)

-Don’t eat nuts, seeds or chunky peanut butter (These foods can force the wires out of alignment, which can affect your smile-transformation process)

-Don’t eat thick or crunchy foods (These foods can break the brackets or pull them loose, especially if you bite into them)

-Don’t eat corn on the cob (When you bite into things, you can pull the brackets off the teeth. It’s best to cut them into pieces and then pop them into the mouth)

-Don’t eat beef jerky (Tearing anything with your teeth can damage the braces)

-Don’t drink soda (Sugary and acidic beverages can stick to your teeth and promote cavities)

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