Dental Sealants

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You have most likely been told about the benefits that come from using dental sealants, but do you understand what exactly oral sealants are and what they’re created from? To help you wrap your head around oral sealants, we’ve amassed this blog post. If you still have any queries after reading it, please feel free to contact us.

Oral sealants are special applications of gel that defend your molars from tooth breakdown and cavities. Typically, unremoved leftover food debris in tricky-to-reach places break down into acids that eat away at your chompers. A dental sealant can be applied to your molars to add another layer of protection in this area commonly uncovered to bacterial acids.

The oral gel, which is comprised of plastics and other oral substances, will fall into the grooves of your pearly whites, harden and make a defense that protects from cavities and tooth erosion. With appropriate brushing, flossing and frequent visits to the dentist, the dental sealant will be able to guard your teeth and dental health for a long time.

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