Pediatric Dentistry

The dentists at Family Dental of Lincoln can see and treat children of all ages! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child see a dentist on or after his first birthday. To help your child prepare for their first visit to the dentist, try the following approaches:

  • Take time every day to look inside your child’s mouth. Talk about their teeth and count the ones that have come in already.
  • Get your child used to dental care by regularly brushing their teeth using a soft-bristled brush to remove plaque.
  • Purchase a couple of books about dental visits for a child between the ages of 2 and 3 years old.

Routine check-ups should be scheduled every six months to maintain proper dental health for children of all ages.

Your child’s first dental visit rarely includes treatment. Instead, it is an opportunity for our dentists and team to help your child have a positive experience and begin building trust with them. Our goal is to help your child feel comfortable when they visit us so that they can receive the care they need in the future without experiencing feelings of anxiety, fear or discomfort.

One of the goals of pediatric dentistry is to help your child establish good oral hygiene habits so they can enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our dentists and team will work with you and your child to help them learn how to brush and floss properly. We are here to be a resource for you in caring for your child’s oral health, and we are always happy to answer questions and address your concerns.

If you have any questions about pediatric dentistry in Chicago, Illinois, or would like to schedule your child’s appointment, call our team today at 773-561-5106.