Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Chicago, Illinois

We provide teeth whitening in Chicago, IL, to help restore the natural look of your teeth. Over time, teeth gradually yellow in color. If you drink coffee, tea or red wine, or if you smoke, your teeth will become even more stained and discolored. In less than an hour, a Rembrandt One-Hour Whitening treatment can whiten teeth up to 10 shades, using the newest breakthrough in power light bleaching. Our dental hygienists use the Rembrandt Sapphire™ Light Whitening System, a highly advanced power curing light. The visit provides patients with all the elements necessary to protect against renewed stains, yellowing or dulling.

How is whitening done?

Prior to starting your whitening treatment, we will answer any questions you have. Special cheek retractors and a rubbery plastic material along the gum line are gently placed inside your mouth to isolate the teeth during the whitening procedure. Your dental hygienist records a starting tooth shade to compare with the ending tooth shade upon completion of your treatment. Whitening gel is applied to the teeth and the laser light shines onto the teeth for one hour. At the end of the treatment, the isolation materials are removed and your mouth is rinsed to remove the rest of the whitening gel. Now you can look in a mirror to see your bright, white smile!

Your hygienist will review some of the foods and drinks to stay away from for the next 48 hours since your teeth will remain porous and easily re-stained during this time period. Some patients experience sensitivity upon laser whitening. This is temporary and our hygienists will recommend ways to reduce your chance of sensitivity before, during or after your whitening procedure.