Dental Veneers Can Help Address Problems with Chronic Dental Stains

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If you frequently enjoy dark beverages or use tobacco chances are good that you have noticed some degree of dental stains developing on your teeth. As these dark particles saturate deeper into your tooth enamel you will likely be frustrated by the ineffectiveness of retail tooth whitening products.


A professionally administered dental bleaching treatment can safely eliminate dental stains. Yet without the appropriate lifestyle changes your white tooth enamel will once again dull and stain.

In a situation like this the most effective method for maintaining a white smile might be to have a dentist like Dr. Nidal Obeid provide you with dental veneers. This special type of dental work is created from dental grade porcelain or composite resin. The veneers can be shaded to look like gleaming white tooth enamel. It also has the added benefit of superior resistance to future dental stains.

If one of your teeth has been significantly compromised by a significant physical defect, Dr. Nidal Obeid might recommend restoring it with a porcelain dental crown. This will completely replace the tooth’s original enamel layer with dental grade porcelain-ceramic.

When your dental veneers are ready Dr. Nidal Obeid will install them and any necessary dental crowns with a strong dental adhesive. This will provide you with a white smile that is easy to maintain.

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