Holding Up the Holing Up of the Hole in Your Tooth

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Many of our patients have wondered why dental crowns can take two weeks to install. To aid your knowledge about dental crowns and why fitting them can take a while, we’ve put together this blog post of information for you.

Dental crowns are used as a supplement to your existing teeth. They cover, defend and harden your existing chompers from the effects of hurtful bacterial acids that can fashion periodontal disease if left unchecked. Dental crowns also rest on your pearly whites while you’re chomping away at your meals, and they’re put under extreme pressure when you eat. For these reasons, dental crowns need to be incredibly durable. To develop such a durable tool, we will take measurements of your pearly whites during your first in-office checkup, send the measurements off to a dental lab where they will develop the dental crown at high temperatures and arrange a follow-up checkup for fitting of your crown once we have received it from the dental lab. Getting your dental crown right is vital to your health, and forming such a high-quality product takes time.

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