Invisalign®Can Give You a Great Smile for a Great First Impression

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Do you feel like people are paying more attention to your mouth than the words that are coming out of it due to crooked teeth? Let Family Dental of Lincoln in Chicago, Illinois help fix your smile. Our Invisalign® line of braces are perfect for those who looking to straighten their teeth without having traditional metal braces. Everyone should able to have a perfect smile that comes without the hassle of the traditional metal wires and brackets that come with.

Let Dr. Najjar fit you with Invisalign braces today. Invisalign works by using clear, customized trays designed specifically by Dr. Nidal Obeid to slide between your teeth. This is a completely unobtrusive way of straightening your teeth without drawing attention that you are wearing braces. Also unlike metal braces, you won’t have to worry about getting food or toothbrush bristles stuck in them while eating or brushing. You can remove Invisalign trays anytime you want, for up to two hours a day. Please keep in mind that you will need to keep the trays in for at least twenty-two hours a day in order for the treatment to be effective.

The total treatment time for our Invisalign braces to properly align your teeth is eighteen to twenty-four months and each Invisalign tray will last up to two weeks.

Please contact Family Dental of Lincoln today if you’d like to talk to our orthodontist about scheduling an appointment or learning more about Invisalign braces. We look forward to fixing your smile!

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