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The mineral crystals that create your tooth enamel layer are of a porous texture that can collect staining particles and darken your teeth when you consume a lot of dark foods and drinks. We can help you avoid tooth stains so that your teeth whitening treatment is more effective in providing a bright and beautiful smile.

Dr. Nidal Obeid offers professional teeth whitening at our office to improve tooth color and reduce the look of stains so that you can have your dream smile. If your smile is frequently exposed to staining agents, though, it can reduce the results you receive from this treatment.

We encourage you to limit your intake of chocolate, tomato sauce and dark berries, as these are pigmented foods that stain teeth over time. In addition to eating a diet that doesn’t cause tooth staining, you can also brush with a whitening toothpaste to remove surface stains.

If you frequently drink cola drinks, tea or coffee, we encourage you to use a straw because these drinks are rich in staining particles and can darken your teeth.

The use of tobacco introduces your teeth to tar and chemicals that cause deep tooth stains. If you often partake of tobacco products, speak with your physician about starting a cessation program that can help you protect your smile and your general health.

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