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Do you suffer from morning headache syndrome? You know the kind I mean. Every morning, you wake up tired, with a splitting headache. Drugs might help take it out, but it’s there again later in the day, and without fail the next morning.

Some have told you that it’s a sign of poor nutrition, so you started eating better. Didn’t help. Your doctor prescribed a heavy-duty reliever. That seemed to help some, but you don’t want to keep taking those. Besides, it seems like they are only masking the headache. Each day it’s there waiting for you at the crack of dawn. You might think you’ve tried everything to make it go away. But have you?

There is a dental/oral connection to some headaches that you may have not considered. A condition known as bruxism concerns clenching of the jaw and grinding the teeth at night. It has been closely associated with sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that may also be part of the problem. The combination of sore jaw muscles and lack of sleep can be a devastating one-two punch to the head.

Take some time to consider this and then make an appointment with us for an evaluation. If bruxism is the cause, we can suggest a dental device that keeps you from night grinding. You may be able to find a cure for your chronic headache after all.

If you’d like more education about a dental device for bruxism, call Dr. Nidal Obeid and our helpful team at Family Dental of Lincoln. Phone: 773-561-5106, or come by our office in Chicago, Illinois.